HRCH Ebonstarz Dot The Sky   JH   "Dottie"
Dottie is a long, tall, 85lb dog who has shown talent since the moment we first brought her home at 7 weeks old. She passed her first Started level test at 5 months old and has incredible working skills. She has incredible marking ability and passes on this ability to her puppies. Dottie is a sweetheart and always wants to crawl in your lap. Dottie is a wonderfully tractable dog with a pedigree that includes some of the greatest field Labradors of all time. She is a big female with tons of power and ability.

Dottie is a full sister to the winner of the National Amateur in 2006. Dottie is one of the most natural upland dogs we have come across. She is a natural quartering dog and is so methodical with the use of her nose. Dottie’s legacy will live on in her puppies as each one of her sons and daughters has talent to burn. She is currently ranked in the Top Ten Labrador females in the UKC registry. Dottie has come to the end of her competitive life but still hunts with us when the going is easy. She spends most of her time camped out on the couch which is just the life that she has earned and deserves.  She enjoys being a mother the most and thinks that every puppy born in our house is hers
Health Clearances
OFA Excellent – Free of Inherited Eye Disease – EIC Carrier – CNM Clear
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