We offer a 30-month written Health Guarantee for hips, eyes and elbows and a Life Time Guarantee for any other hereditary disorder.

$250 deposit will hold your puppy

We pay very close attention to pedigrees, temperament, and health so our puppies are bred to provide you with a puppy free from genetic defects, pleasing in appearance (provided they stay out of the flower beds...), intelligent, and eager to please. We have the utmost faith in our breeding program.

We consider our puppies to be permanent members of our family, and we will continue to be responsible for them for their entire life.  If your circumstances don't allow you to continue to care for your valued companion any longer: all DuckDawg puppies are welcome back home any time...

All of our breeding dogs are OFA-certified and a Veterinary Ophthalmologist certifies that the eyes are free from hereditary defects. All of our "mothers" are dogs that we are currently training, testing, and living with. All the dogs live in the house with us, help fetch the newspaper every morning, and help terrorize chickens (umm, gather eggs) every evening. We know each puppy's unique personality, strengths, and charms. We always breed to stud dogs with strong accomplishments and with strong pedigrees that compliment the pedigrees of our girls. We feel this attention to detail allows us to produce and raise puppies with great personalities, attitude, and talent.

Our puppies are born and raised in our home and we see to it that they are well-socialized from Day One. Our puppies receive around-the-clock medical attention from Ron and tireless "mother hen" fussing from Libby.

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DuckDawg puppies are often sold by reservation before they are born and we frequently have a waiting list. If you would like to reserve a puppy from a specific litter or want to secure a place on our waiting list, please call us.

We require a $250.00 deposit once we have a confirmed breeding. The deposit is applied toward the purchase price of the puppy and is non-refundable unless arrangements are made in advance or your choice of color/sex is not born. We provide each new owner with a Puppy Packet that contains necessary health records and a plethora of useful information to help start you off on the right foot with the newest little addition to your family. Each Puppy Packet includes
Health Guarantee
Vaccination history
Four Generation Pedigree
Food sample and feeding information
Reading materials and references
AKC registration
UKC registration papers if the sire is UKC registered.
HRC information.

In addition to providing the Puppy Packet, we also provide lifetime support in terms of guidance and advice any time you should need it while raising your Labrador. Field Labs love to learn, are eager to please, and are extremely food-motivated as puppies, which makes for easy training. Whether your goal is for your dog to work in the field or simply to have good house manners, training provides the mental and physical stimulation this breed so requires. This is a great video for puppy training and we have worn out our own copy twice. Sound Beginnings Video

Our dogs do NOT make good kennel dogs as they are too interactive to be satisfied with kennel life. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be in their kennel during times when you are gone. They just shouldn’t be locked up for their entire day, day in and day out as they will become unhappy and soon, you will be unhappy too.  Field Labs do best with a positive approach to training that encourages them to use their minds.  Puppy Kindergarten classes and other obedience classes are fun and are useful for helping your dog learn to behave in the face of distractions, such as other dogs. They provide an excellent opportunity to learn the socialization skills so crucial in a puppy’s young life.

In our opinion, Field Labs are better hunters and competitors if allowed to spend as much time with you as possible. All of our dogs are house dogs and most of the great dogs are house dogs as they learn more from being with you than sitting in a kennel. The price of a neoprene vest is cheap compared to the knowledge and bond that you will gain from having your dog with you all the time.

Ron and I make time to train our own dogs while they are puppies but then the upper level training is done by our friend, Chris Jobman of Flatlander Kennels. Chris does not leave any detail untouched and sees that each dog has a comfortable living area, exercise, training, and days off to lounge in the sun for a great balance.

If you are thinking of placing a dog with Chris, I can assure you that your dog will have the care and love that you would offer at home and your dog will come home happy, eager and with all sorts of new skills. Your dog will also come home with a solid foundation that Chris has built with training methods that he specializes to each individual dog. Call Chris at (308) 249-0707 or visit his website: Flatlander Kennels