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Each of our boys is exactly what I would want if I were looking for a strong sire --  pedigree, personality, hunting desire and instinct.

Each one of them has all the traits that make them a perfect match for our girls....or your girl!

Rico head2
happy rico
rico head
Rico 4-5-15

HRCH DuckDawg's Lethal Ricochet  


Rico is a wonderful dog.

He has earned his Hunting Retriever Championship title (HRCH) and is an extraordinary hunting dog.


He is also very, very smart -- probably one of the smartest Labs we have owned. He has a great nose, great ability and retrieving desire to burn.

He is bold, naturally athletic, and has a wonderful “whatever you want” attitude.  He is incredibly intelligent with a high desire to learn. We can’t train him as fast as he can learn. He has tremendous drive and desire to please. He has a strong work ethic and a ton of ‘bottom,’ which means that he bounces back from failure or correction in a flash. He doesn’t get his feelings hurt and doesn’t get frustrated. I think his most amazing attribute is his cat-like athleticism.


He is a dream in the house. He has sired several litters of puppies and has puppies that are fantastic hunting dogs in their own right and are also competing in the hunt test world. Rico has also sired several certified Search and Rescue dogs. 

Rico is 62 pounds. 

Health Clearances

OFA  Excellent – EIC Clear - CERF Clear - PRA Clear - CNM Clear

Stud Fee $500.00
morgan 12-2-18
morgan and ace
morgan and rhett at the fall 2018 grand.
morgan head 12-15
morgan 4-26-18
spice3 10-13-18
morgan2 1-18
Morgan 12-5-15

HRCH DuckDawg's Spiced Rum MH

1 Grand Pass


Chocolate Factored

Morgan is fast becoming one of my favorites. His mother is my constant shadow and Morgan was 1 of two puppies born. He has THE sweetest temperament! He is very calm in the kennel with no barking and whining. He is very laid back, has classic good looks and is a hunting machine.  Other dogs, kittens, puppies, children are all his best buddies. Not a mean bone in his body.

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CERF Clear - PRA Clear

Stud Fee $1000.00

Breeding is limited

Dice2 PVHRC 8-05
Dice3 PVHRC 8-05
Dice 7-05
dice and jj 2 10-1-10
Dice and Spice 6-18-11
Dice and JJ 12-15-10

Breeding is EXTREMELY limited 

to outside bitches. 


Frozen breeding only 

Half Stud Fee is due up front 

and is non-refundable.

GRHRCH UH DuckDawg's Eba Roll The Dice


Dice is everything you could ever want in a stud dog. He is hunting machine, an accomplished competitor, a perfect gentleman with other males, a baby-sitter and a best friend. He is so powerful, strong yet gentle. Dice is a hard-driving, terrific marking and lining dog. He is wonderfully steady and consistent. He shows great tenacity and desire and absolutely will not give up until he finds the bird! Dice was our main waterfowl hunting dog as he is so strong. Greater Canada geese pose no problem for him and swimming the icy Platte River is a walk in the park. Dice achieved his Grand title by passing 2 out of the 3 Grand Tests that he ran. He is a very muscular, blocky dog that is built like a bull-dogging quarter horse. He weighed in at about 85 lbs. Dice is that wonderful blend of “Off and On” and when in the house, he is always lying by the fire or in the recliner. In the field, he lights up and could hunt all day.

Dice has puppies all over the US in all venues. Pets, Hunt Test competitors, hunting dogs, Certified Search & Rescue including HRD. His puppies can do it all!

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CERF Clear - PRA Clear

Stud Fee $1500.00
Negotiable for
certain females
McMac O'Malley
O'Malley 5 (2)
O'Malley Portraits 2010 (22)

Breeding is EXTREMELY limited 

to outside bitches. 


Frozen breeding only 

Half Stud Fee is due up front 

and is non-refundable.

8 x GRHRCH McMac Magic Eyes A'Smilin  MH, QAA


Yellow Factored

O'Malley was a very, very gifted dog and was such a gentle soul. I was very lucky to find O’Malley and he joined me at 7 weeks old. I owned him his entire life. He spent his first 3 years of formal training in South Dakota. He ran AKC Field Trials and placed in the Qualifying as a very young dog getting both a 4th and several JAMS. He then came home and was a wonderful house dog and hunting dog. He then spent his adult years with a trainer in western Nebraska running UKC hunt tests, AKC hunt tests and some SRS competitions. He was a house dog his entire life but his true love was hunting. He was a tall, racy, slender built dog that had TONS of speed. He weighed around 72lbs. O’Malley has a tremendous pedigree filled with famous and high performing dogs. He was a pleasure to hunt with and a brilliant competitor. He was also a pleasure to have in the house as he was so mellow and reserved.

Health Clearances

OFA Good – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CERF Clear - PRA Clear

Stud Fee $1500.00
Negotiable for
certain females
flash 4-12-20

DuckDawg's Fire In The Hole


Chocolate & Yellow Factored

Flash is a result of an unbelievable pairing of two of the most talented performing dogs ever. In addition, both his parents are full-time house dogs and tremendous family members. We are expecting great things from this little guy as he grows up and hope to see him carry on the family legacy.

Health Clearances

OFA too young – EIC Clear – CNM Clear 

McFly and Solar 3-5-20

DuckDawg's Into The Future


Chocolate Factored

McFly .. or Fly as we mostly call him is a super nice young dog. BIG -- he is gonna be BIG... but he wears his heart on his sleeve, is as honest as the day is long and will give you 100% all day long. We is a big goof ball right now but starting to mature. We hope to see great things from this young dog!

Health Clearances

OFA too young – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CAER eyes Clear

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