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 DuckDawg Retrievers

Our girls are the foundation of our breeding program. The mothers are the ones that teach their puppies so it is so important that each mother has the temperament we are looking for.

HRCH DuckDawg's Dottie's Little Star  


Dotlet was a puppy born in our house. The entire litter was special and it was tough to decide which pup we wanted to keep. Her pedigree brings two very special bloodlines together to create fireworks as far as we are concerned.


She is a long, tall, lanky girl. She is very much like her mother was at her age... all business and super, super dedicated to retrieving.


She LOVES the water and thinks every water bucket is her personal pool.


She weighs about 78lbs. She is a beautiful dog in my opinion. She is a snuggler just like her mother.

Health Clearances

OFA  Excellent – EIC Clear - CERF Clear


DuckDawg's Twinkle Toes  


Twink is a wonderful dog and another Dice daughter of ours. She is Ron's constant companion. She goes with him every day to the vet clinic and hates getting left behind. 

Twink is a petite 60 lbs

Health Clearances

OFA Good – EIC Carrier – CNM Clear - CERF Clear

DuckDawg's Moonlight Music


Cricket is a fabulous Dice daughter and a fabulous mother... She is always SO happy and loves everyone and everything. She loves to retrieve and is SO fast! She can handle any retrieve including big geese.


She weighs about 50lbs and is rocket-fast. She is a blast to hunt with and is a great house dog.

Health Clearances

OFA Good – EIC Clear– CNM Clear - CERF Clear

DuckDawg's Lucky Charm  


Shamrock is an O'Malley daughter and was the only yellow pup of a litter of 3 that were born in our home. Her mother is a phenomenal dog named Minnie, who is owned by a friend of ours.


Minnie and O'Malley created 3 extraordinary puppies. What a gem! Shamrock is SO polite and has a very royal bearing about her. 

She loves to retrieve and loves to snuggle. She weighs about 58 lbs.

Health Clearances

OFA Good – EIC Carrier – CNM Clear - CERF Clear

DuckDawg's McMac Magic 


Mackey is another O'Malley daughter that we decided to keep and we are SO glad we did... She is developing into a wonderful dog.


She is little -- about 50 lbs. LOVES to retrieve and is a wonderful house dog. She is also yellow factored.

Health Clearances

OFA  Excellent – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - 

DuckDawg's Sweet Baby 


Babe is a Rico daughter that is a sweet young dog that is developing well. She is a great blend of her father and mother and loves to be part of the action. 

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent – EIC Clear – CNM Clear -