DuckDawg Retrievers

Our girls are the foundation of our breeding program. The mothers are the ones that teach their puppies so it is so important that each mother has the temperament we are looking for.

morgan puppy with noel 5-6-19

DuckDawg's Christmas Spice 


Noel is just like her mother -- super sweet, polite and just gorgeous.

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CAER Eyes Clear

Piper 11-20-21
Piper Front
Piper righth side
Piper side

DuckDawg's Fly-Over States
Chocolate Factored

Piper is a young female out of one of the most impressive Chocolate females to ever grace the earth. We feel SO lucky to have been on the list and gotten a puppy out of this pairing! The sky is the limit for this young girl!

Health Clearances

OFA too young – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CAER Eye Normal

Sunny 10-21
sunny 4-12-20
McFly and Solar 3-5-20

DuckDawg's It's A New Dawn 


Chocolate Factored

Sunny is a tremendous young dog. She is a bigger girl... around 75 pounds and has the most beautiful, classic Labrador head. She is laid back, super sweet and she is a gem in the house. 

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CAER Eyes Clear

Tatum 9-30-20
Tatum 11-19

DuckDawg's Paper Moon 


Yellow Factored

Tatum is a fabulous young dog out of our girl, "Cricket" and Apex Retriever's "Jack."  She is a tall, lanky girl that should eventually weigh about 70 lbs. She has tons of drive and desire. She is a joy in the house and a great hunting dog.

Health Clearances

OFA Good – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CAER eyes Clear - prcd-PRA Clear

pixie3 9-30-20
Pixie 9-30-20
Pixie and Spice 9-30-20
pixie2 9-30-20

DuckDawg's Magic Fairy Dust


Yellow Factored

Pixie is a super athletic, hard charging girl with tons of go and yet loves to sleep on your lap every chance she gets. 

Health Clearances

OFA Good – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CAER Eyes Clear

Demi 8-20
Babe and Demi 9-30-20
demi 7-20

DuckDawg's Global Pandemic


Chocolate Factored

Demi was born on March 20th, 2020 -- the time that the COVID pandemic was hitting the US hard. Demi has been one of the easiest puppies we have ever had. Super laid back, smart as a whip -- potty training took about 3 days. She is independent and a happy camper. VERY much like her father!

Health Clearances

OFA too young – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CAER Eyes Normal