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Our Retired Ones

These wonderful dogs have been special members of our family. Some are still going strong but retired from hunting as they are slowing down due to age and spend their days on the couch.


Too many have passed over the Rainbow Bridge as dogs never live as long as we wished they would. 

yahoo jpeg

HRCH Houston's Yahoo Dot Rascal  500 Pts UKC


Yahoo was my first Labrador...Because of him, I wanted to learn how to handle a gun, run Hunt Tests and spend time training.  


He was lean and muscular, and was 70 pounds of hard-running desire and heart. A perfect gentleman in the house, he was a VERY high-octane dog when it was time to hit the field.


Yahoo hunted equally well on waterfowl and upland birds. Yahoo was extremely intelligent, had a tremendous nose, was an excellent swimmer and was afraid of nothing.


He also showed a lot of natural pointing tendencies. Yahoo received his 500 UKC points in the summer of 2004. He was a powerful ball of energy with an intense desire to please; he was a joy to train and hunt behind.


Yahoo has many litters both with hunting and Search and Rescue females, and all the puppies have inherited his intelligence, work ethic and tremendous nose.

Health Clearances

OFA  Excellent – EIC Clear - CERF Clear

Passed Over The Rainbow Bridge at the age of 12.5 yrs old

dottie 10-19-03

HRCH Ebonstarz Dot The Sky  JH


Dottie passed her first Started level test at 5 months old and has incredible working skills. She had incredible marking ability and passed on this ability to her puppies. Dottie was a sweetheart and always wanted to crawl in your lap. Dottie was a wonderfully tractable dog with a pedigree that included some of the greatest field Labradors of all time. She was a big female with tons of power and ability. 


Dottie was a full sister to the winner of the National Amateur in 2006. Dottie was one of the most natural upland dogs we have come across. She was a natural quartering dog and was so methodical with the use of her nose. Dottie’s legacy will live on in her puppies as each one of her sons and daughters has talent to burn.


She was ranked in the Top Ten Labrador females in the UKC registry.  She enjoyed being a mother the most and thought that every puppy born in our house was hers.

She was a huge female and weighed 95lbs

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent – EIC Carrier – CNM Clear - CERF Clear

Passed Over The Rainbow Bridge at the age of 10.5 yrs old

tuffie 11-11
tuffie2 9-30-20
Tuffie 9-30-20
Tuffie 8-20
Tuffie 10-31-08

SHR DuckDawg's Ain't Got No Quit


Tuffie is an amazing dog. Tough doesn't even begin to describe her and she has earned every last inch of couch space. She is still going strong and even gets to go hunting a couple times a season. 

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent – EIC Clear– CNM Clear - CERF Clear

Passed over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 14 yrs old 

rikki2 2011

DuckDawg's Rikki Tikki Tavi 


Rikki was a wonderful, talented, easy-going dog. She was a very, very dark yellow almost red color with a wonderful attitude.


She was a fabulous pheasant dog with a “ton” of nose. She was a pleasure to have in the duck blind. Rikki was also a tremendous house dog and didn’t know a stranger. Some of her strongest attributes were her powerful nose, her scenting ability and her happy personality.

Health Clearances

OFA Good – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CERF Clear

Passed Over The Rainbow Bridge at the age of 12 yrs old

jingo head

HRCH DuckDawg's Jingo Jango


Jingo was larger female, almost 75 lbs, with lots of bone and strength. She was very powerful and a tremendous retriever. She was very mellow in the house but was always ready to go when it comes time to do chores, go hunting or just do the laundry. Jingo had all the talent one could hope for in a dog. She was as steady as a rock and a very, very strong waterfowl dog. Jingo could give any male retriever a run for their money. She was a wonderful mother and produced puppies that had the same retrieving intensity that she did. 

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CERF Clear

Passed Over The Rainbow Bridge at the age of 13 yrs old

shooter head 2010

DuckDawg's Shoot The Dice


Shooter is a very good looking, classic Labrador. 


She is built much like her father, a powerful little tank full of mischief and energy. She always has a little glint in her eye and is always ready to go do something. 


She is an energetic hunting dog and full of natural talent for pheasant. She is a scenting machine and knows exactly what she is looking for and will hunt all day and never wear out. Shooter weighs about 65 lbs.


Shooter is a snuggler and LOVES to crawl up onthe couch and lean against you and look into your eyes while you pet her... if you stop, she gently paws at your arm until you start again... she can be a pest sometimes!

Health Clearances

OFA Good – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CERF Clear

Passed over the Rainbow Bridge at 12 1/2 years old

Dice and Spice 6-18-11
spice riding shotgun

DuckDawg's Cookin With Heat


Spice is a doll, just a doll. She is exceedingly loyal like her father and she never gets more than 4 feet from me which is why I have such horrible pictures of her. She is just impossible to take a photo of. 


She has tremendous retrieving “fire” and a great nose. She understands the game and is a blast when we hunt doves or pheasants with her.  She is not a very large dog but can pack a goose without any effort. She has the same greatness that I saw in her sire but I can’t bear to have her any from me so she will not be going into competitive training. I believe that she could easily earn her GRHCRH but that will have to wait as I am happiest having her with me 24 hours a day. 

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CERF Clear

Passed over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 14 years old

rhiann and cat2 10-2-02
dice 2-15-02
Rhiann's new family - 11-29-2009

DuckDawg's TNT Rhiannon Aria


Rhiann. What is not to be said about Rhiann. Sweet, sweet dog that deserved everything. Rhiann was a wonderful friend, a great hunting dog and more importantly, a great, great house dog. She currently lives in New York with her new family and has never been happier. Rhiann deserved to live our her golden years as the "queen bee" so when the chance to live as an only dog with a young family came along, it was an easy decision.


Rhiann lacks for nothing and still gets to do chores by feeding the chickens and the horses. Her life is very similar to what it was with us except she has 2 young children to watch over and is the center of attention. Who could ask for more?!

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent - CERF Clear

Passed Over The Rainbow Bridge at the age of 13 yrs old

shamrock head

DuckDawg's Lucky Charm


Shamrock is an intense girl!  She is an O'Malley daughter who loves to hunt and is so gentle and sweet. 

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CERF Clear

Living the life of a queen with a good friend of ours.

dot 9-7-14
dotlet2 1-1-17
dot 1-1-17

HRCH DuckDawg's Dottie's Little Star  


Dotlet was a puppy born in our house. The entire litter was special and it was tough to decide which pup we wanted to keep. Her pedigree brings two very special bloodlines together to create fireworks as far as we are concerned.


She is a long, tall, lanky girl. She is very much like her mother was at her age... all business and super, super dedicated to retrieving.


She LOVES the water and thinks every water bucket is her personal pool.


She weighs about 78lbs. She is a beautiful dog in my opinion. She is a snuggler just like her mother.

Health Clearances

OFA  Excellent – EIC Clear - CERF Clear

Passed over the Rainbow bridge at 12.5 yrs old

cricket and pink girl
cricket 9-30-20
cricket3 9-30-20

DuckDawg's Moonlight Music


Cricket is a fabulous Dice daughter and a fabulous mother... She is always SO happy and loves everyone and everything. She loves to retrieve and is SO fast! She can handle any retrieve including big geese.


She weighs about 50lbs and is rocket-fast. She is a blast to hunt with and is a great house dog.

Health Clearances

OFA Good – EIC Clear– CNM Clear - CERF eyes Clear

Passed over the Rainbow Bridge at 12.5 years old.

twink full body crop
twink head
twink head crop

DuckDawg's Twinkle Toes  


Yellow Factored

Twink is a wonderful dog and another Dice daughter of ours. She is Ron's constant companion. She goes with him every day to the vet clinic and hates getting left behind. 

Twink is a petite 60 lbs

Health Clearances

OFA Good – EIC Carrier – CNM Clear - CERF eyes Clear

Twink still goes with Ron everyday to the vet clinic and fishes with him every chance she gets. She is officially retired 

babe3 9-30-20
babe 9-30-20
Babe and Demi 9-30-20
Babe2 9-30-20
babe5 9-30-20
babe 1-1-17

DuckDawg's Sweet Baby 


Yellow Factored

Babe is a Rico daughter that is a sweet young dog that is developing well. She is a great blend of her father and mother and loves to be part of the action. Babe is 68lbs and is a hunting machine. She goes back to our Big Dottie dog on her mother's side.

Health Clearances

OFA Excellent – EIC Clear – CNM Clear - CAER Eyes Clear

Babe goes with Ron to the vet clinic and rides around the farm in the Polaris Ranger. She is officially retired 

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